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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Foot Toys - A Review..

Today I took some time to investigate something I stumbled upon while browsing arround on the internet. Toys for footlovers, or to be more detailed: fake feet to play arround with. No idea that something like this existed. Although I would not be the one to go and purchase such an item, I found it an interesting topic, and therefore this little review of two of these feet-toys! I am interested in your comments!

Toy 1 : Basix Little Piggies

This is the first toy I came across in my search: a product from Basix Rubber Works called 'Little Piggies'.  These fake feet are connected to eachother, and made of a kind of rubber which make them feel like real feet.


Toy 2 : Belladonna's Foot Soldiers

The second toy I came across is a product called 'Belladonna's Foot Soldiers'. Who is Belladonna I hear you ask? In case you’re not terribly into porn, Belladonna is a porn star who has attractive odds and ends, including her feet apparently. I took some time to find some 'fitting' pics for you ;) :

Here is a kind of 'unboxing' series I found on a DeviantArt account called 'DevilCaller' :

Belladonna Foot Soldiers are made by Doc Johnson of apparently ultra-realistic PVC Sil-A-Gel. Each box comes with a left and right foot, a container of talc, and a bottle of lube.

This toy even has a YouTube review:

Let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!


  1. I wondered if there were products like this out there.. I can see the appeal, if you're not 'out' with your fetish ..

    Plus, they'll never have a headache ;)

  2. Still, nothing like the real thing right :) Thnx for your reply !

  3. ich finde diese "Plastikfüsse" irgendwie gruselig...Ausserdem sehen sie wie Männerfüsse aus,was mir überhaupt nicht gefällt.
    Ausserdem fehlt der typische Fuß-Geruch,der Füsse erst zu einem Erlebniss der Sinne werden lässt.
    Also für mich wären diese Füsse kein Ersatz für echte Frauenfüsse !

  4. I really would like to know how many people buy those plastic feet. It is a bit strange.

  5. what's so strange about it? i doubt anyone buys them and thinks of them as human feet, except as a fantasy aid and i see no reason to feel snobbish about that

    personally, im gonna buy them to practice my foot massage technique...and maybe more

  6. Can somebody please tell me where can I find those foot??? I really want to buy it...

    1. Belladonna foot soliers at and
      The lowest price I found for Basix little piggies at 50% sale.

  7. Where are u from? I can give you some adresses to buy them online.

  8. Id love to get a pair of these, My fantacy is to be footed by a lady so these would be amazing.Belive it or not its hard to find a lady willing to put her feet inside you.

  9. I'm from Portugal, and I'm extremely interested in one of these, do you think you can recommend me a good, reliable online store where I can get it? Thanks in advance! :)



  11. I have a pair from "foot-fetish-toys" listed above. They are incredible, and totally blow away the above ones that were reviewed.

  12. They sell a lot of these types of products overseas at - they are kind of pricy and they are very well detailed. They look extremely real! But in terms of overall feel and realism, I'd say the Belladonna Foot Soliders win. They feel pretty damn real. (link to below if you want to check out the other types)